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Hammock Price: 1.055,00 EUR
Item number: 1018   In Stock
 A hammock - for people who loves quality. It has an integrated molded cushion and oak veneer hanger at each end, which gives the hammock a beautiful silhouette. The hammock can easily accommodate two people because of its width, which measures 205 x 125 cm. There has been used high quality materials from the ropes to the stainless steel carabiners, which gives the hammock a long life. Danish design and craftsmanship at its best.

  Material: Coated Canvas, high added-value PLUS. Oak veneer hangers

  Dimensions. L x W: 205 x 125 cm

  Content: foam

  Colors: CC black, CC gray, Cc beige chine

  Delivery time: 5 weeks
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