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Tiny Moon Price: 266,00 EUR
Item number: 1020   In Stock

# 1020 Tiny Moon:
A multi-functional pouf in a simple design, a rethinking of the traditional Maroccan cushion.  Tiny Moon has a stable and solid form and it is easy to move around because of the lightweight and a smart handle. Use it as a tray table or as a pouf indoor or outdoor. The bottom is made of a pvc, and the rest is made of a coated canvas from SUNBRELLA PLUS, which is water-repellent and resistant to mildew and UV. This fabrics can withstand being outdoors 365 days a year.
Material: SUNBRELLA PLUS (coated canvas) & PVC bottom

Dimensions: H: 39 cm / Ø: 70 cm

Content: EPS beads

Details: outer cover is closed with Velcro and inner lining are closed with a zipper, which makes refills easier.

Colors: Graphite/black, Grey, Beige, Blue jeans, taupe.

Delivery/stock: In stock end of March. If not in stock up to 5 weeks delivery.

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