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About TRIMM Copenhagen
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About TRIMM Copenhagen®

TRIMM Copenhagen® was founded by designer Rikke Gjørlund in 2010. The company has maritime roots which is evident in the design and use of materials. All of our products are produced in Europe to ensure top-quality, short production time and proximity of our workroom.

Our purpose is to increase quality of life and strengthen the relationship between people.

TRIMM Copenhagen challenges how people interact and spend time together in an informal setting with focus on creating a lounge atmosphere – outside!

TRIMM Copenhagen is a Danish design-driven company that creates lifestyle products like furniture and interior for people who have particularly high demands on quality, comfort, mobility and modern design.


At TRIMM Copenhagen, we make high-quality lounge furniture easily accessible to people who seek peace, comfort, and well-being in their everyday lives. This can be both in private, professional, and public cases. TRIMM will make the interior and furnishing process for the modern consumer in indoor and outdoor areas as easy and convenient as possible.

To become the consumers’ preferred brand within indoor and outdoor furniture in the lounge category in private as well as professional contexts.



TRIMM Copenhagen wishes to be a place where partners, customers, and employees feel comfortable. TRIMM Copenhagen needs to be close to all links in the value chain and be able to vouch for production, transport, and product quality.



TRIMM Copenhagen wants to give the outside world an authentic picture of the organization’s activities, and will therefore be as transparent as possible.