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At TRIMM Copenhagen, we are aware of the responsibility we have and think about sustainability in all parts of the value chain. Both on a social, climate-friendly, and environmentally conscious level.

We believe in transparency towards our employees, partners, and at least our customers.



Product design and collections:


Already on the drawing board, sustainability is thought into our products. Our furniture and accessories are designed in a timeless and classic look, which does not go out of fashion after a single season and which you do not get tired of looking at. Most of our furniture is also created with multifunctional features, so you can take the furniture with you through life and use it in new ways, as your life and your needs change. This is one of the reasons why all our outdoor products are available in the same four colors and in the same material. It ensures an incredibly good utilization of the materials and almost no waste.

While our products are long-lasting, our collections are the same. We keep the same products in our collection, year after year, and thus avoid having expired items that we can not sell. Every year, we introduce a handful of new products, which are designed based on the same long-term secure and sustainable premise as the rest of the range.

The choice of material is one of the most important things to ensure the long life of the products and therefore something we at TRIMM Copenhagen attach great importance to. Our focus when choosing materials lies on the good properties when using the products such as comfort, surface feel, lightness and maintenance and cleaning options. But at least as important is the resilience and durability of the materials, as the products must be able to withstand daily use for many years. At the same time, we are constantly looking for materials that have been extracted and produced in a sustainable way. Among other things, we use organic cotton in our rugs and teddy products. We also continuously test alternatives within fillings and outdoor styles.

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All our products except our Terrazzo products, handmade in Vietnam, are produced in Poland (EU). It allows us to have closeness and feeling with our production, with which we are in daily contact. At the same time, it ensures that everyone who cooperates with TRIMM Copenhagen works under proper conditions and under the applicable rules in the EU.

The close contact with our production also gives us the opportunity to continuously test and quality assure our products.

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Photo credit: SIT SIT


Warehouse and transport:


In addition to production, we also have our warehouse facilities under one roof in Poland. In this way, we save transport costs for external warehouses in other countries, and protect ourselves against overproduction.
We also offer our dealers drop shipping, so that they only have exhibition models in stock and we send the goods directly from our own warehouse and out to the end customer.
In this way, we have minimized our transport costs to a large extent and the only transport costs are the delivery to our customers.



Sales and Marketing:


In recent years, TRIMM Copenhagen has undergone a rapid development, with more and more of our activities taking place online. This has meant that we at TRIMM Copenhagen have been able to minimize our use of safes and other physical marketing material. We are also minimizing our travels and holding the meeting online if possible.