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Manufacturer and storage:

All our products are produced in Europe, to secure consistently high quality in the products and to have proximity with our producers. We have our storage facilities together with our manufacturer in Poland, where we distribute all orders from. This way, we do not have any unnecessary transport from our manufacturer to storage and only use transport when shipping out orders to the end-user. This also ensures no overproduction of products and very little material waste.

We make our products in high-quality material, to make sure they can last many years of use. We do not want to contribute to the culture of buy-and-though-away, which is why it should be seen as an investment, every-time you buy a TRIMM Copenhagen product. We support the idea of buying little, but good. At the same time, we encourage our customers to resell or deliver the furniture back to us, when they no longer need them.

Contact us at info@trimm.dk if you want to know more about delivering back your used TRIMM Copenhagen product.

Product development: 

We want to take responsibility for all links in our value chain, which is why we also try to push our products in a more sustainable direction and continue to look into different options to transition into more sustainable materials for our products. 

Our goals for the future:

2022: We want to transition to sustainable filling. Fx bio-foam beads for our furniture, made from Effluent from sugar canes. For our cushions, we want to use 100% recycled PEt bottle scrap.

2023: Use fabrics that are either made from recycled fibers or natural fibers, which can be decomposed in nature.

Social responsibility:

Because our products are produced in Europe and we are in daily contact with our suppliers and manufacturer, we make sure that everyone who works with TRIMM Copenhagen, works under orderly conditions and under the applicable rules in the countries concerned. All our furniture which is about 90% of our product portfolio, is produced in Poland. You can read more about the manufacturer, SIT SIT here 


Photo credit: SIT SIT