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Accessories for both inside and outside in high quality.


The informal design, which is repeated in TRIMM Copenhagen’s products, helps to give new life to the terrace, kitchen, bathroom, or something completely different. This category covers pots, hanging pots, trays, and rugs that can be used outside as well as inside. Our home decor, like our furniture, is created to make life easier. The design is practical, but at the same time kept in a timeless and informal style that also makes the products suitable for many different purposes.

Adding accessories is an easy way to give extra personality to the decor and helps to create coziness and solve practical challenges in everyday life.

All products are produced in the EU, except the Terrazzo trays, which are handmade in Vietnam.

Use the home accessories to add a cozy atmosphere and a personal touch to your home.

Make sure you pick the right home decor for your house. This will add coziness and a great informal atmosphere for friends and family, as well a solve practical challenges around the house.

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