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Tiny Moon Leather Pouf


The Tiny Moon Leather is a multifunctional pouf in a simple design, a rethinking of the traditional Maroccan cushion. Tiny Moon has a stable and solid form and it is easy to move around. Add our Terrazzo tray and use it as a table.


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Additional Information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 70 × 40 cm

Black, Cognac, Nature




EPS beads – 25% recycled


Leather products are only for indoor use.

  • Wash regularly with a damp cloth
  • Maintain with a cleaner specifically for leather
  • Over time, the EPS filling of the leather beanbags may flatten and extra filling can be necessary. Shop EPS beads here

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For more care and cleaning of the leather products, please find information here



Tiny Moon Leather Pouf

Tiny Moon Leather is a multifunctional pouf in a simple design. It is a new interpretation of the traditional Moroccan pillow. Tiny Moon has a stable and solid shape and is easy to move around, due to its lightweight and the sewn-on handle.

The pouf has many different possibilities of use, as it is easy to move around, due to its handle and lightweight. You can use it against the wall together with decorative pillows, and you have a compact and different lounge sofa in the living room or in the home office. The pouf can also simply be used as an extra element in the sofa area, or to create warmth and coziness in the entrance hall, living room, or bedroom. Due to the many different methods of use and its compact size, it is particularly useful in smaller homes such as holiday homes, city apartments, and townhomes.

Leather is a high-quality material with many great properties. It is easy to clean and maintain, is water- and stain-resistant, has a high level of lightfastness (7/10), and is fire-retardant. The leather gives a luxurious look and the tiny Moon brings nature inside with its organic shapes and lines.

Our leather products are designed so that the absolute most of each individual skin is used. This is achieved by using the small pieces for pillows.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Wipe regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Use only preservatives that are designed specifically for leather.
  • Over time, the sack furniture may become flat, and it may be necessary to refill with EPS beads. EPS beads can be ordered here.
  • Produced in the EU

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