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TRIMM Copenhagen is constantly working to become more sustainable in all parts of the value chain. Every time a choice is made, the climate and environmental impact is an essential part of the decision-making process. Read more about the specific initiatives TRIMM Copenhagen has taken and how sustainability is considered in daily operations below.




Warehouse & Transport




One of the most important factors for a product’s longevity, besides durability, is its visual expression and style. For TRIMM Copenhagen, the goal is therefore always to create something that feels timeless, but at the same time is modern and relevant. Working with solid, round shapes and base colors that can withstand ever-changing trends and tendencies. For example, one can still find many of the same bestsellers from the company’s start-up over 10 years ago in the range today. When TRIMM Copenhagen launches a new product, it is therefore also the hope that the product will still be found in many homes in 30, 40, or 50 years.


For TRIMM Copenhagen, the choice of material is absolutely fundamental for product development and identity as a design company. In addition to going for high quality, priority is also given to materials with high durability and the possibility of using the material again and again for new purposes.

In recent years, TRIMM Copenhagen has also begun to choose materials that have had a life before or in some other way to have little or no harmful effects on the climate and the environment. This can be seen in the Recycled NOAH Collection from 2021, which is made of a zero-waste textile, created from 100% recycled plastic bottles and polyester waste, and in the filling for all beanbags, which now consists of 25% recycled EPS.


For TRIMM Copenhagen, it is important to work closely with production and minimize all unnecessary transport. That is why all our products (with the exception of the Terrazzo tray, which are handmade in Vietnam) are produced in the EU. There is daily contact with the production and visits to suppliers at least once a year.


One of the biggest initiatives TRIMM Copenhagen has taken in relation to transport has been to move storage facilities together with production. This means that there is no transport between these two joints.

In addition, there are drop shipping solutions for over 90% of retailers. This means that the only real product transport used is when orders are to be delivered directly to the end customer.

It is also a priority to have raw material suppliers from Europe, to keep delivery transport from suppliers to a minimum.


In recent years, TRIMM Copenhagen has undergone rapid development, with more and more of our activities taking place online. This has meant that TRIMM Copenhagen has been able to minimize the use of printed material and other physical marketing materials such as signs and flags.

In addition, travel activity is minimized and meetings are held online if possible.

The future

– Move 100% of production to the EU.

– Switch to using 100% recycled fibers for the outdoor collection’s textiles.

– The product portfolio is expanded with products that can be flat-packed, without compromising on design and comfort.

– Working to find more sustainable alternatives to all the different parts of the products.