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Can I leave my TRIMM product outside?

Yes, all outdoor products are designed and made in SUNBRELLA PLUS® or Sunbrella In&Out® for outside use. The products will always remain nicer for a longer time if you do not leave them out for a longer period of time, but they are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

The products which are not clearly declared as outdoor products, should not be used outside. This means the entire indoor collection in the following materials; Recycled NOAH, Teddy, Wool, and Leather.

The filling of my TRIMM product decrease. Is this normal?

We use the best EPS beads available, and they have a high density. But it’s normal that the filling will compress over time with use. You can order a refill here.

Does my TRIMM product have a separate inner bag?

All cushions have a separate inner bag, as well as the beanbags in following product lines; Teddy Collection, Wool Collection, Recycled NOAH Collection.

How can I refill my TRIMM product?

1. Take your TRIMM product and turn the bottom upside, open the Velcro and pull the small fabric tube out. In the indoor products, you will find this in the inner bag.
2) At the end of the fabric tube, there is a zipper. Open the zipper.
3) If you are filling with a refill, insert the plastic bag opening into the fabric tube opening. You can close the zipper to connect the two openings better and thus prevent leakage.
4) It’s a good idea to be two people to fill. One can hold the opening of the fabric tube on the product while the other person is filling the beads in.

Voilà! Enjoy your brand new TRIMM product!

How can I wash my TRIMM product?

To see cleaning instructions, please see the cleaning/maintenance tab under each product.
There is a tear in my TRIMM product, how can I fix it?
If you want to order a repair kit, please order via: [email protected]


BURN: Keep your products far from any direct source of heat: fire, candles, lighter.
CUTOFF: Avoid hooking your TRIMM Copenhagen with pointed or sharp objects. Pay attention to the edges of tables or door handles.
EXCESS WATER: The Outdoor Collection is not meant to be immersed in a pool or ocean.