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Full Moon Leather Pouf


Full Moon Leather is a multifunctional pouf in a simple design, a rethinking of the traditional Maroccan cushion. Full Moon has a stable and solid form and it is easy to move around. Add our Terrazzo tray and use it as a table.


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Weight 22.05 lbs
Dimensions 45.28 x 15.75 in

Black, Cognac, Nature




EPS beads – 25% recycled


Leather products are only for indoor use.

  • Wash regularly with a damp cloth
  • Maintain with a cleaner specifically for leather
  • Over time, the EPS filling of the leather beanbags may flatten and extra filling can be necessary. Shop EPS beads here

Get more info on our leather products here

For more care and cleaning of the leather products, please find information here



Full Moon Leather Pouf

Full Moon Leather Pouf is a multifunctional giant pouf in a simple, Scandinavian design.

It is a new interpretation of the traditional Moroccan cushion. The Full Moon has a stable and solid shape and is easy to move around, due to its lightweight and sewn-on handle. Use it as a tray table with the beautiful Terrazzo tray or as an alternative sofa ottoman with pillows against the wall. The leather gives the round pouf a luxurious look and brings nature inside with its organic style. Full Moon also has a sewn-on pocket on the side, so that you can always have a good book, an iPad, or a newspaper by your side.

Full Moon is filled with 25% recycled EPS and 75% new high-quality EPS balls, which have an insulating effect when you sit or lie on the furniture. You can use the opening at the bottom to take more balls out or put more balls in. In this way, the hardness of the puff can be adjusted easily according to your needs.

Leather is an exclusive, high-quality material with many good properties. It is easy to clean and maintain, is water-stain resistant, has a high light fastness (7/10), and is flame retardant. You can therefore enjoy your Full Moon leather pouf from TRIMM Copenhagen for many years, without compromising on aesthetics or quality.

Our leather products are designed so that the absolute most of each individual skin is used. This is achieved by using the smaller pieces to make leather cushions.

How to best treat your leather furniture:

  • Wipe regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Use only preservatives that are designed specifically for leather.
  • Over time, the sack furniture may become flat, and it may be necessary to refill with EPS balls. EPS balls can be ordered here.


This leather pouf is produced in the EU.

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