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Slow Down Set Wool


Wool is a high-quality material, with many good properties. It is easy to clean and maintain, has a high level of water- and stain resistance, and is also fire-retardant.

All wool products have a removable cover, which makes cleaning easy. It also makes it possible to replace only the cover if you want to switch to another color or materials.

The inner bag in the wool products has an opening, which makes it possible to adjust the filling to fit your specific comfort need,

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Wool wash or dry clean
  • Dry flat on a towel
  • No tumble drying
  • Ironing on middle heat
  • Over time, the EPS filling of the inner beanbags may flatten and extra filling can be necessary. Shop EPS beads here

Practical info


Composition: 100 % wool

Production: Woven

Abrasion resistance: 40.000 Martindale 

Lightfastness: 4-5

FR: Yes, EN 1021 part 1 & 2

Origin of fiber: New Zealand

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Outdoor material


Teddy material


Leather material

Recycled NOAH

Noah material


For TRIMM Copenhagen, the choice of material is absolutely fundamental for product development and identity as a design company. In addition to going for high quality, priority is also given to materials with high durability and the possibility of using the material again and again for new purposes.

In recent years, TRIMM Copenhagen has also begun to choose materials that have had a life before or in some other way to have little or no harmful effects on the climate and the environment.